• Flocculants
    Flocculants – SCE has a variety of flocculants & coagulants of cationic and anionic form. However for best results please contact our technical service team to choose the right product depending upon the right solution.
  • Polymers for raw water treatment - These advanced polymers have been developed for use in a range of demanding industrial and municipal applications involving process water treatment, wastewater and effluent treatment.
  • Boiler water chemicals – Boiler water treatment chemicals are designed to prevent problems associated with the burning of  fossil fuels.
  • Cooling water Treatment Chemicals – Common  problem in cooling  tower are three types Corrotion  of metal surfaces could lead to contamination of fluids and has to avoided in heat exchanges condensers. Scaling – reduces the rate of heat transfering heat,exchanges heat or condenser considerably Biofouling will reduces cooling Capacity while fungal decay destroys structural integrity. The NACSO series prevents algae , fungal , and bacterial growth. Nasco offer a range of all the above products and are available in custom design cooling water treatment programs. Following are few of ours standard products.
  • RO Chemicals Help in protecting the integrity and increases the life expectancy of reverse osmosis elements. The program includes metallic , biological , scale inhibitors and membrane cleaning formulations to provide the full spectrum of chemicals required to ensure optimum performance.