Having been established since 1977 SOUTHERN CHEMICALS & ENGINEERING has been part of the Indonesian water industry for 37 years. Since its inception the Southern has been involved in offering specialty chemicals to treat water for boilers, chillers, power generating set and cooling systems.

As the company progressed a need was identified to offer clients with water management solutions. Southern focused on the latest technologies at the time and by the 80’s the company was transformed into a specialized water management and services company integrating our client’s requirements by offering complete design, manufacturing, management and services oriented activities.

Although we have standard systems, we often consult with our clients had design systems altered to suit their requirements. This is complemented by a professional workforce, many of whom have been part of the team for decades.

Headquartered near Jakarta’s sea port we have expanded & developed a strong regional network, with representative offices in 4 major Indonesian cities. This enables us to service our clients locally and with a quick response time. Our knowledge and customer centric focus also took us overseas to neighboring Asian countries, where we now have our presence in Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

As we look forward today, the increased debates on environmental issues and their effects on our daily lives further strengthens our resolve to be the best provider of solutions in harmony with our environment.

We look forward to providing our clients with the best solutions and reasonable price and welcome you to take a closer look at our capabilities.

By Tetty Rudy