SOUTHERN CHEMICALS & ENGINEERING has been part of the South East Asian water industry for the last 31 years. With focus on the latest technologies in water treatment, we transformed into a specialized water management and services company integrating our client's requirements by offering complete design, manufacture, deliver water and waste water treatment equipments and chemicals.

We started our business with water treatment chemicals then revolutionized the ASEAN market by introducing softeners in 70's and reverse osmosis in mid 80's and pioneered the reverse osmosis technology. Now we are one of the leading water treatment companies with about 3000 installations of Reverse Osmosis world wide. Our company has a clear focus on total water and waste water management and delivering solutions with our multicultural professional and engineering team. Our deeper understanding about water treatment helps us to cater our clients with solutions on water and waste water treatment.

We have expanded & developed a strong regional network with 3 branches in Indonesia . Our successful branches are located in Bandung, Batam and Semarang . This helps us to serve our customer faster and be close to them geographically. As a company we are prepared to handle every challenge arising due to global warming , depleting resources of fresh water by providing innovative solutions to industries by treating various available sources of water with viable operating cost and recycling capabilities.